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Prague City Apartments and - part 2/5

apartments PragueIf we come back to Prague and our apartments for long term you will find that Prague offer many possibilities to accommodate. Everything depends on your desires and needs. In other words you have many options starting with hostels, bed and breakfast, houseboats, apartments, hotels, pensions and many more in Prague.

Every facility from mention list may offer different standard of service. You may have cheap and very modest service usually with regards to hostels in Prague, rating of one or two stars or you may require standard level of service including bed and breakfast and hotel, rating of 3 stars and in the end you may require high level of service and this includes four and five star hotels. Furthermore, mentioned criteria depend on price you are able to pay.

A next criterion is the reason of your stay in Prague. Are you going for two days sightseeing holiday or are you going to Prague for your business trip? Of course, it exists many other reasons why to come to Prague including family trip, honeymoons, culture trip, long term stay or visiting your relatives and so on. A next criterion is based on location, will you prefer to stay in the centre of Prague or will you prefer to stay in suburb of Prague. Besides these reasons you need to choose the length of your stay. Therefore, we can divide your stay into three parts.

First, you stay can be short term stay and it means you will stay from one night till one week at the most. In addition, these trips are mostly because of sightseeing or family trips. Second part we can call middle term stay and it is usually about one week to several weeks of stay. The reason why to undertake this trip or stay in Prague is based on sports events or shorter business projects. The last part is long term stay. Most of the reasons why to stay in Prague for several months is because of the business trips.

Therefore, we have summarized some criteria which you need to take into the consideration when you are travelling to Prague. The rest of the article will be based on our example and on Prague apartments long term. Our example will be based on corporate traveller who needs to come to Prague because of her/his business and he/she needs to stay in Prague for several months. So, it is need to resolve the problem of where to sleep.

So our traveller has two main options because we can assume that our person will not choose hostel or bed and breakfast for his long term accommodation. In fact, the first option relies on stay in hotel and the second option relies on stay in apartment. Now we need to demonstrate the difference between Prague hotel long term stay and Prague apartments long term stay.

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Short term apartment rentals in Prague
... studio 1-3 pers.
... one bedroom 1-4 pers.
... two bedroom 1-6 pers.
... three bedroom 1-8 pers.

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most popular apartments in Prague - alternative accommodation to Prague hotels
Extended stays, weekly rentals
**** Residence Masna
studio, one bedrooms
**** Residence Karlova
two, three bedrooms

Corporate housing, monthly stays
**** Residence Karolina
one, two bedrooms
**** Residence Rybna
one, two, three bedrooms
*** National Theatre
one bedrooms

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