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Prague apartments for rent - part 5/5

What else can you rent in Prague?

At the beginning I was talking about renting different services or things to rent in Prague. I have picked several interesting points:

Prague Segway Rent
Let me introduce you the Segway machine, which you can rent. Segway is a unique trap that self-balances. Type Segway X2, which we offer for hire, works in any terrain and easy to use. Riding the Segway on Prague tour is intuitive and very easy, almost anyone can do it. Five independent gyroscopes monitor balance 100 times per second. You get, lean and go. To stop, just to straighten out. Come join us in our rental experience this timeless vehicle. Therefore, if you are going to Prague to rent any apartments you can rent Segway tour as well.

Prague Car Rentals
Reasons why to rent a car Prague are follows: Big advantage is the great saving you time. Car rentals are located in the heart of Prague, and availability are ideal. If you are staying in our Prague apartments for rent or anywhere else and would like to see other parts of Czech Republic not only the Prague than the solution with Prague rentals seems to be ideal. We can recommend you many car rentals company just simply let us know in advance that you will require such service and we will let you know all of the options. Remember our goal is to make your stay easy and enjoyable including the service of car rentals.

Prague bike rentals
There are many options how to ride a bike through to Prague. You can choose many options why do you need a bike in Prague. For the short term stay clients we recommend sight seeng bike tour in the centre of Prague. For the long term stay clients who stay in our Prague apartments for rent we recommend different bike and ways of cycling.
Fun and safe by offering you everything you need to experience Prague. Whether you rent one of our many bikes, or go to our glorious hike, we promise that you will not be disappointed. Here at our Prague apartments fore rent we offer a wide range companies with large supply of bikes for rent, daily guided tours or special tours according to your wishes. Come and enjoy a fun and unconventional ride a bike on the center city and explore the city from an angle other than what you know it now.

Boat rent
Boat rentals in the Old Town are situated on the embankment of Smetana between the National Theatre and Charles Bridge. Coming from the Charles Bridge is on the right side about 200 meters. Coming from the National Theatre is about 100 meters. Stairs down to the water is located at the tram number 17 and 18 - the National Theatre. When you would like to enjoy Prague from different views and you are stay in our Prague apartments for rent it will be our please to show the options.

What you can see when you rent a boat? Old water tank is not great, but it is completely replaced by a view of what is offered out of the water. The drive will see every major building in the area, including Charles Bridge and National Theatre. Shooting In passing the island, which is in the middle, sailing around rověž Kampa Štítkovského weir or Žofín. In addition when you are lucky you can see some of our Prague apartments for rent in the centre.

Prague apartments for rent in different perspective
We were talking here about serviced Prague apartments for rent. Nevertheless there is one important thing to note. You have serviced type of apartment which are ready to move in and on the other hand you have Prague apartments for rent which you have to equipped by yourself. Usually the second type is for suitable for people who want to stay longer period of time like years.

The disadvantage of these Prague apartments for rent lies in buying and taking care about everything when you move in. But the advantage is in rate or price. When you rent any serviced Prague apartments then you do not have to worry about anything. You will have all furniture and equipment ready, however you have to take into the account the price of the rent. The advantage of rate of serviced Prague apartments for rent is all payments including electricity or water are included, therefore you are paying the final price. But even if you rent in empty apartment is much lower you have to add to your monthly rate the costs of water, electricity, internet or heating.

If you are looking for Prague apartments for rent and your stay is longer than one year do not hesitate to contact us and will do our best to find you proper apartment. And when you are looking for stay lower than one year do not hesitate to contact us either and we will do our best to satisfy your demand from our offer at first and when we failed we will for other Prague apartment for rent somewhere else.

I hope you have got more insights about Prague apartments for rent and any other renting facility in Prague and if you find anything when we can assist you, please contact us.

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