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Prague Luxury Apartments

Luxury stay in Prague apartments

The first point is to explain what luxury stay in Prague apartments is. This topic is very subjective. Someone can consider as a luxury stay having new Ikea equipment and another can expect having golden equipment and very modern look apartment. Generally speaking there is no perfect dedinition of luxury. Prague is consider as a city with relatively high standards, therefore it can be stated the if you book luxury Prague apartments you will get top value and with excellets service.

Prague luxury apartments

You can find several companies offering luxury Prague apartments. Besides luxury hotels like Four Season or Hilton you can find many luxury apartments. These apartments are provided by luxury hotels or by single apartments owners. Nevertheless, you have to check twice, whether, the apartments are really luxurious. As I mentioned before it depends on person who is booking the apartment; however, some providers may consider as a luxury three star equipment and two star service. So there is need to be sure, you check the rating of apartments on website like Tripadvisor or other rating and booking sites. Finally, if you find the right luxury Prague apartment then you will get real luxury apartment with great service.

And Prague City Apartments?

Our company offers top quality and fully serviced apartments in the centre of Prague. Some of apartments are advertised as luxury. For instance, Residence Brehova has all essential signs of luxury apartment - very spacious, a lot of privacy, big TV screen, comfortable beds, wonderful kitchen and location matter as well. On the other hand Residence Karolina or Residence Rybna may be considered as a luxury apartment as well because of really modern equipment and outstanding service. Morevover you can find excellents reviews of these residences on Tripadvisor. In the end if you book with us we will do our best to make your stay really luxurious.

Our Old Town Prague apartments

****Residence Brehova - Spacious Apartments

****Residence Masna - Old Town Apartments

****Residence Karolina Prague - Top Apartments

****Residence Rybna - Apartments in Prague Centre

****Residence Karlova - Top Quality Apartments

*** National Theatre Apartment - Budget Apartments

*** Pension Borsov - Prague Bed and Breakfast

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... three bedroom 1-8 pers.

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