Lowest rate guarantee on accommodation in Prague
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We guarantee you that if you find a lower average daily rate on any website for the same apartment we will confirm you this rate plus you will be entitled to receive complimentary airport pick-up or return transfer from us. Please read information on submitting a claim below.
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Guarantee - prague accommodation If within 24 hours you find lower rate for the same apartment on any competing or partner web site in the respect of the same travel dates, number of persons and apartment type send us an e-mail or call our Toll free numbers with this information. The apartment must be bookable and competing web site must quote and display exact rate. We can't accept any claims based on the rates from offers.
Guarantee - prague accommodation If we confirm this information, our representative will modify your reservation to the lower rate plus we will contact you with an offer for complimentary Prague airport transportation. Of course if your reservation meets already free airport pickup conditions, your bonus will be automatically changed to the return airport journey.
Guarantee - prague accommodation The claim must be submitted 2 days before your check-in date by the latest.
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